The Art of Financial Network Science, Part II

The Art of Financial Network Science, Part II

The second annual Financial Risk & Network Science seminar was held on September 9 at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, in partnership between the Centre and Risk Journals.

As with last year, there was a great display of varied and colourful financial network visualisations on show. Network diagrams present vast amounts of data in a single picture. The human eye sees patterns in this data – we easily perceive density clusters, structure and shape, but not detail. The images are too complex to see many individual data points, but that is the point. Most diagrams convey the form and hierarchical structure of the data. It provides a high-level map of the topography. This is what Kimmo Soramaki, the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Network Theory in Finance, calls “Financial Cartography”.

We are keen to promote and encourage visualisation techniques as a way of helping people understand complex patterns of data in the comprehension of financial networks.

This year, it is our aim to award a prize — the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies Prize for Financial Network Visualisation — for the best network visualisation presented at the Conference on 9 September. The winning image will be reproduced as a large-scale framed poster for the presenter and their institution.

Who do you think is a real contender for the 2015 prize? Let us know via Twitter or in the comments.

Click the image to view the presentation. A PDF of all the entries can be viewed here.

1 gatkowski14 salidas11 schwendner12 flood05
2 mutnikas02 soramaki04 mutnikas03 fiedor09
3 rancan07 silvestri15 jelonek17 schwendner13
4 mutikas18 Daniel Ladley; A Network Analysis of the 1873 Financial Crisis crs06 shaghaghi20
5 paddrik19 bougheas10 ruffini08

Tamara Evan

Tamara Evan

Tamara Evan is the head of Geopolitical Research at the Centre for Risk Studies, Cambridge Judge Business School. She supports the Centre’s work on geopolitical and technological risks and heads research into the emerging threat of cyber terrorism to infrastructure.

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